The White Picket Fence Has Taken On A New Role!

When we purchase our homes or dream of our future home the typical image is the large house with the large yard and white picket fence.  For years this has been a dream of many homeowners and with the invention of vinyl fence columbus oh it can now be an affordable reality.  When installing your fence you will want to use the following tips and tricks.

Make sure you have all of your tools

Never start a job without first being prepared.  This means that you should have all of your tools and supplies ready and at your disposal.  When collecting your tools consider putting them all into a wheelbarrow for easy storage and transport.  You will want to have a hammer, level, post hole digger, drill and other assorted tools.

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Prep the area

You will want to prep your area.  Similar to any other construction job you may want to undertake you will want to prep the area by removing any large debris, raking the area and ensuring that you don’t have any large rocks that could make your day a nightmare. 

Measure and mark

The old saying, measure twice and cut once applies to installing a fence.  Using the pieces of fence pieces use them as template pieces for laying out your posts.  Once you have a general idea of where everything is going to go, walk the fence line with a can of spray paint and measure the exact locations for the posts.  Once you know where the post will go spray a circle or X on that spot to know where to dig.  When assembling, don’t dig all the holes at once. You will want to install each section to each post as you go.  This way, you know everything will match up.

When finished make sure that everything is secure and ready to go.  Clean up your tools and leave the area just as you left it.  A clean work area is a safe work area.